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I Want To Sell My Property

Are you ready to take the leap and get your property listed? We understand that the process might seem a bit overwhelming, but fear not! In this guide, we’ll break down the terms and conditions involved to ensure a smooth and hassle-free listing experience. To ensure a smooth process, here are the steps and guidelines to follow:

  • Sign on the Dotted Line: Non-Exclusive Authority to Sell (ATS)Before we can showcase your property, we need your approval. It’s a standard practice to have a written Non-Exclusive Authority to Sell (ATS) from the registered owner. We’ve got a simple form for you to sign, and this step is non-negotiable. We’ll provide the necessary ATS form for your convenience.
  • Corporate Collaboration: Board ResolutionIf you’re representing a corporation, we require a Board Resolution authorizing the sale of the property. This resolution should empower you to execute the ATS or any agreements with third parties for listing the property.
  • Document Dive: Soft Copies NeededWe speed up the listing process with complete property documents. After submitting the online form (Listing Request) below, one of our support staff will send you an email where you can send the required property documents. So, gather those soft copies, and let’s get your property on the market faster. Please submit soft copies of all available property documents. The completeness of these documents will expedite the listing process.
  • Price it Right: Competitive and ReasonableProperties listed with us need to be competitively priced. Ensure your pricing is reasonable, and we’ll make sure your property gets the attention it deserves.
  • Exclusive Spotlight: Priority for Exclusive ListingsWe love exclusivity! While we appreciate all listings, we prioritize those exclusively entrusted to us. It’s our way of saying thanks to lot owners who chose us as their exclusive brokers. However, rest assured that we do consider all submissions, whether for exclusive or non-exclusive listings.
  • Fair Play: Standard Pricing EncouragedTo maintain fairness in the market, we encourage standard pricing among real estate practitioners. We reserve the right to remove a property listing at our discretion, especially if the same property is secured by other brokers at a lower selling price.
  • No to TimberlandsUnfortunately, we can’t list timberlands or government properties that cannot be privately owned. Let’s focus on privately owned lands for a smooth listing process.
  • On-Site Visit: Prepare for Aerial Photos and Boundary ChecksWe’re coming to you! Expect an on-site visit for aerial photos and boundary checks. Please ensure familiarity with the property’s boundaries and be ready to provide a valid photo ID during our property inspection.
  • Document Validation AuthorizationBesides the ATS, we need your written Authorization to secure and validate property documents. Due to data privacy laws, we can’t secure certified copies, so this step is crucial for a successful listing.
  • Honesty is the Best Policy: Disclose All Material FactsBe open and honest about your property. If there are issues, we’re here to help find solutions. Selling problematic lots only creates more problems down the road, so let’s tackle them head-on. We can work together to find solutions for a safe and successful listing.
  • No Guarantees: Property Sale is Buyer’s DecisionWe cannot promise or guarantee the sale of your property. That is why we don’t make promises about selling your property. Buyer decisions are at their sole discretion. Buyers decide based on their preferences, and we can’t predict that. Our agreement is limited to what’s explicitly written.
  • Stick to What’s WrittenOur agreement is limited to the terms stated herein.

When you fill out our Listing Request form, you’re acknowledging that you’ve read and understood these terms. By submitting your Listing Request, you agree to abide by these terms, including our site’s Terms of Use.

Thank you for considering listing your property with us.

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