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Dive into the world of San Vicente Palawan real estate with, your trusted ally in locating that dream property or lucrative investment. Our team, rich in local real estate knowledge and experience, is passionate about guiding you through our handpicked selection of properties, from breathtaking beachfront estates and bustling commercial lots to modern condominium hotels/condotels & condo units and lush agricultural plots. Our rigorous due diligence process and commitment to ethical practices ensure that we meet your high standards and expectations. As active members of the Palawan community, we leverage our deep-rooted connections and expertise to serve you with unparalleled professionalism. Trust in to lead you to the premium properties of Palawan.

Properties for Sale

  • Second lots, commercial lands, beachfront properties, condominium hotel/condotel units, condo units, agricultural lots, and lots along existing/proposed roads.

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  • Delve into Palawan’s property market with us. Specializing in advising foreigners, we highlight lots that qualify for the Special Investors’ Resident Visa (SIRV). For more information, get in touch.

Begin Your Golden Years in the World's Best Island - Palawan

  • Embrace the beauty of Palawan as the ideal backdrop for your retirement. Our properties cater to both ambitious young professionals and esteemed retirees. Start crafting your retirement dream now!

Project Selling invites you to experience the pinnacle of coastal living with our exclusive condominium and condotel offerings. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Palawan, each property serves as a window to spectacular sea vistas and a doorway to the beach. Perfect for seekers of a serene dwelling or a lucrative investment, our curated collection awaits to fulfill your aspirations. Begin your journey to finding your slice of paradise with us today.

General Brokerage

Dive into our extensive selection of properties, from commercial to condo units, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our meticulous property acquisition and verification process, ensuring a hassle-free purchase. Start your journey to owning a piece of paradise today.

Buy & Sell

Experience Palawan like never before – affordably. We break the norm by providing small lot options in an area known for its sprawling properties. From agricultural lands to beachfront spots, our offerings ensure that your dream property is within reach, regardless of your budget.

Real Estate Mortgage

Unlock the potential of your land with Real Estate Mortgage. We facilitate connections between landowners seeking loans and the private investors/creditors who can make it happen. By using your land or land title as collateral, we offer a pathway to financial assistance tailored to real estate needs. Remember, each creditor sets their own conditions for accepting land as collateral.

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Certified Professionals

Licensed and registered with the Professional Regulations Commission.

Ethical Approach

We prioritize ethical standards and thorough property evaluations.

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With over two decades in the industry, we offer unmatched local knowledge.

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Tap into our insights and recommendations rooted in Palawan’s landscape.


We’re mostly comprised of resident real estate practitioners.

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From documentation to ownership transfer, we’ve got you covered.

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Palawan Brokers

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in San Vicente, Palawan

Nestled in the pristine northern part of Palawan, San Vicente is a burgeoning eco-tourism destination that holds a treasure trove of investment opportunities, especially in the real estate sector. Renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty, strategic location, and the longest white sand beach in the Philippines, San Vicente is not just a gateway to the enchanting landscapes of El Nido and the Underground River but a prime location for real estate investors looking to capitalize on the Philippines’ next big thing in tourism.


Beachfront Properties for Sale

In the idyllic setting of San Vicente, beachfront properties are a rare gem. The early bird investors who began acquiring lands as far back as 2001 have realized the value of owning a piece of the longest white sand beach and its adjacent villages. Though these prime lots are becoming scarce, the allure of owning a beachfront property in villages like Alimanguan, San Isidro, New Agutaya, Poblacion, and others continues to drive interest among discerning investors.

Second Lots for Sale

For those who dream of being close to the beach without the premium price tag of a beachfront lot, second lots offer an ideal solution. Thanks to the foresight of the San Vicente Masterplan, which introduced a 50-meter setback, these properties provide proximity to the beach while adhering to sustainable development standards.

Commercial Lands for Sale

The agricultural backbone of San Vicente presents a unique opportunity for commercial land investments. Positioned along the main road, these lots promise high commercial value and potential, making them perfect for businesses looking to tap into the burgeoning tourist influx and the local community’s needs.

Condominium Hotel/Condotel Units for Sale

With the upcoming development by Megaworld’s Paragua Coastown in Kemdeng, San Vicente is set to welcome its first condotel project. This pre-selling stage offers a golden opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor of what promises to be a lucrative addition to San Vicente’s accommodation options.

Condo Units for Sale

Similarly, the planned condo development project by Megaworld heralds a new era for residential and vacation properties in San Vicente. Investors have the chance to secure their spot in a project that will bring modern living standards to this untouched paradise.

Agricultural Lots for Sale

Despite the early start in real estate transactions, San Vicente still boasts a good supply of agricultural lands, particularly outside the Long Beach area. Investors interested in land banking have found value in these lots, especially with the proposed road network that will enhance accessibility and development potential.

Lots Along Proposed Roads for Sale

These lots represent a strategic investment for those looking to capitalize on the future expansion and infrastructure development within San Vicente. Land banking in these areas offers promising returns as the municipality continues to grow and evolve.


San Vicente is not just a location but a lifestyle choice. It is home to the longest white sand beach in the country, stretching 14.7 kilometers, and is poised to become the Beach Village Capital of the Philippines. Each of its ten villages, including Alimanguan, San Isidro, New Agutaya, Poblacion, Binga, New Canipo, Sto. Nino, Kemdeng, Port Barton, and Caruray, boasts its own stretch of white sand beach, ensuring that the beauty and potential for development are evenly spread across the municipality.

The strategic positioning of San Vicente makes it an ideal hub for tourists and investors alike. Its proximity to major tourist destinations like El Nido and the Underground River, coupled with its own attractions such as Port Barton and the Long Beach, underscores its appeal. The operational San Vicente airport further enhances its accessibility, promising regular connectivity to other parts of the Philippines.

For investors, the comparison to Boracay’s famed White Beach only highlights the vast potential that San Vicente holds. With a beach over three times longer than Boracay’s and less developed surroundings, the opportunity for growth, development, and return on investment is unparalleled.

San Vicente stands as a beacon of opportunity in the Philippine real estate landscape. Its unique combination of natural beauty, strategic location, and burgeoning tourism infrastructure makes it an irresistible proposition for investors looking to tap into the next big thing in Philippine tourism and real estate development.